Gallery 1995-in progress

Corrado Bonomi has always been an Art teacher, in addition to his activity as an artist: he proposes art workshops in schools and museums, in compliance with the Pedagogy of Art of his friend and colleague Bruno Munari.

“[…] In Italy there is fear of teaching art, because the Italian system sees “teaching” as a reduction, a way to take away sacredness and value from art. Munari was a huge Master and an uncommercial artist. […]. The added value of teaching art is not commercial, it goes beyond, we are talking about the involvement of kids, we are talking about a way to growth people”. (Corrado Bonomi, in Corrado Bonomi, curated byM. Sciaccaluga, Bonelli Arte Contemporanea, Mantova, 2005, p. 15, qte, free translation from Italian).

cit., p.15, in Corrado Bonomi, a.c. di M. Sciaccaluga, Bonelli Arte Contemporanea Mantova, 2005