Acque chete – They talk about us…

Below is the press review of Acque chete, the exhibition curated by Alberto Fiz which ended on March 2nd at the Civic Aquarium in Milan. Great […]

Corrado Bonomi at the inauguration of Re-Inventing Piet in Wolfsburg

The inauguration of Re-Inventing Piet. Mondrian and the consequences was held last Friday, March 10, 2023, the new exhibition where it is possible to see the […]

About the “upside down” Mondrian

Last October (2022) the art world was hit by a curious news that caused a lot of talk: after 77 years the curator Susanne Meyer-Büser noticed […]

Corrado Bonomi for Re-Inventing Piet at Wolfsburg

After Bonomi’s return to the German scene with Tutto bene! The group show hosted at the Ritter Museum in Waldenbuch, here he is again in Wolfsburg […]

Corrado Bonomi at the Civic Aquarium of Milan

From 19 January to 26 February 2023 the exhibition spaces of the Civic Aquarium of Milan will host the new solo show by Corrado Bonomi Acque […]

Published the monograph of Corrado Bonomi

After two years of research, interviews and revisions, the monograph on Corrado Bonomi edited by Alberto Fiz has finally been published by Silvana editoriale. This is […]

Corrado Bonomi at Tutto bene! Italian Art from the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection

Corrado Bonomi, present in the collection of the Marli Hoppe-Ritter Museum since 2006, returns to the German museum until 16 April 2023. Corrado Bonomi arrived at […]

Plastics Reflections: Corrado Bonomi and Gianni Cella at Cannobio

The inauguration of the widespread exhibition Plastic reflections: The game of things that become art will be held on Saturday 18 June at 17.00 at the […]

An amble life

The inauguration of the new exhibition organized by the Associazione Culturale Bianca Pilat which will host Corrado Bonomi and Gianni Cella will be held on Saturday […]

The symbol of Novara suspended on the clouds by Corrado Bonomi

From today it is possible to see the latest installation created by Corrado Bonomi at the Camporelli biscuit factory in Novara. The artist’s Castles in the […]

Corrado Bonomi at “Siamo Fiori”

SIAMO FIORIFRAGILITY BLOSSOMS INTO AN EXTRAORDINARY ART COLLECTION “Children with disabilities or autism are like flowers: fragile and delicate, they need care, assistance, love”. Thinking of […]

Corrado Bonomi at “We Planet”

There was also the globe with eggs created by the Novara artist Corrado Bonomi and entitled “Biomotoperpetuo” among the fifty creations exhibited for three days, from […]