Rosencrantz e Guildenstern

As the artist himself wrote in 2015: «The work is part of a short cycle entitled Prisons in which I enjoyed emphasizing the general similarities present in the works of two great artists. But what do Piranesi and Shakespeare have in common? They are not contemporary, they are not geographically close, they belong to different cultures and religions. Yet, both live and best represent their mutual eras with a “total theatricality”. These boxes seem to contain, due to the labels, the stage costumes of a theater company, they are dark in color but elaborated with some glitter, giving the impression of being used a lot. An important element are the various real lights that I have included in the work. In practice it can be seen as a scenographic model for a theatrical performance».

Rosencrantz e Guildenstern, diorama, 2000.

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