La Flotta dell’Arte
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Talis Pater

Art is like "a big family", for which each artist, in his very personal and unrepeatable history, contains the stories of all the related artists who preceded him, and anticipates, in some way, the stories of the artists who follow him. Talis Pater wants to tell the journey of the artistic "genealogy", in which "history par excellence" is concretized and differentiated in the peculiar "biographies" of the artists. A matryoshka that Sartre would have called "universal-singular".

Talis Pater 01
Talis Pater, painted matryoshkas, various sizes, 1998, Courtesy M. Finotti.
Talis Pater 02
Talis Pater, particular – Duchamp, h cm 25, ø cm 10, Courtesy M. Finotti.

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