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Ars Topiaria (1998-2009)

As for the Culture, here too plastic materials are used to create natural forms, in this case bushes with various shapes inserted in earthenware pots. The research for this cycle of works is based on the ambiguity and estrangement caused by the observation of a natural but clearly artificial element. By doing so, it favors the impression of a continuity of meaning between the original function of the materials and their new ornamental destination, which has not only ironic, but also ethical implications.

Ars Topiaria-Progetto, chalk and ink, cm 35 x 50, 2005.
Ars Topiaria-Bicicletta, mixed media, cm 160 x 150 x 60, 2009.
Ars Topiaria-Cavalluccio, mixed media, cm 85 x 40 x 40, 1998.
Ars Topiaria-Uccellino, mixed media, cm 85 x 50 x 40, 1998.

Other works by the artist