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Fenomeni naturali (2003-in corso)

These are anthropomorphic portraits composed of plastic fruit and vegetables, or flowers and small animals, with which the artist translates the kitsch taste of a domestic ornament into a cultured reference to Giuseppe Arcimboldo's mannerist paintings. Depending on the material chosen, the artist gives a different title to his creation: “contadino” (farmer) for the Arcimboldo made with fruit and vegetables, “poeta” (poet) for the one made with synthetic flowers, “guerriero” (warrior) for the one made of plastic animals.

Fenomeno Naturale Guerriero
Fenomeni Naturali - Guerriero, mixed media, cm 40 x 50 x 70, 2004.
Fenomeno Naturale Contadino
Fenomeni Naturali - Contadino, mixed media, cm 40 x 50 x 70, 2006.
Fenomeno Naturale Poeta
Fenomeni Naturali - Poeta, mixed media, cm 40 x 50 x 70, 2006.

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