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Culture (2003-in corso)

Cycle started in 1992, these are houseplants made with gardening elements and materials, such as the plastic of the irrigation canes, pots and saucers. Bonomi entrusts the plants with names of saints and martyrs making them almost become people and at the same time they are further tautological devices. The term "culture" initially literally meant "care of the land": the term derived from the thinking of the peasant world of exploitation and processing of natural resources in order to feed. Only within some social groups, which could afford free time, was the word used in the sense that we now attribute to it, referring to an intellectual land to be cultivated. However, both interpretations share the concept that something must be treated, cared for and ennobled so that something useful results from it. So what can grow from plastic?

Cactus Alessadnro_2
Cactus Alessandro, mixed media, h cm 50, 2006.
Cactus Alessandro
Cactus Alessandro, mixed media, h cm 50, 2006.
Girasoli, mixed media, variable dimensions, 1993.
Rosa recisa
Rosa recisa, mixed media, cm 5x5x50, 1999.

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