Fatine fatate fatali
parallax background

L’orizzonte degli eventi (1996-in corso)

The work was born from a reflection made by the artist himself in November 1996, entitled Pensieri dal cono. With this reflection Bonomi asks himself where all those artists who have not managed to reach fame end up. They end up in the "shadow cone", a space-time dimension that will accompany them, envelop, extinguish or give meaning to their work. The artist therefore wanted to give a three-dimensional shape to his thought and created a real cone, to represent the destiny of many young artists. This is the horizon that presents itself to the eye, the horizon of the present, the horizon of events (L’orizzonte degli eventi). In this present the artists are unable to emerge, because all men are stuck in a society aimed only at production, now detached from nature, from which then all the problems related to pollution, represented in another work of this cycle, a black cloud, a “contaminated” version of Bonomi's candid Castelli in aria.

Cono d'ombra, mixed media, h cm 18, 1996.
Nuvola nera, mixed media, cm 40 x 50 x 70, 2007.