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Vascello Fantasma

The Vascello fantasma (Phantom Vessel of art) is a variant of Castelli in aria (Castles in the air), a cycle, the latter, which represents the ability to dream - a speculative and abstractive sensibility bordering on reality. For this reason, the installation must always be carried out in an elevated point of the environment. The sea and navigation are recurring themes in Bonomi's production, as is the use of cotton wool in works that seem suspended in the clouds. In this work, a sailing ship plows through a white and foamy sea, recalling the imagery of adventure narratives. The imposing shapes of the sailing ship are built with wire mesh and tissue paper, also giving the boat a slight appearance (La rivoluzione siamo noi: collezionismo italiano contemporaneo, exhibition catalog (Piacenza, spazio XNL, 1 february – 24 march 2020), edited by Alberto Fiz. Cinisello Balsamo: Silvana editoriale, 2020)

Vascello Fantasma, wire mesh, painted wadding tissue paper, variable dimensions, 1992.