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Sogni (2009-in corso)

The cycle of Dreams began around 2000. Each work of the cycle is ideally dedicated to a work of art that intrigued, enthused and involved the artist. Each "dream" is inspired by a literary or pictorial work and is dedicated to the author of the aforementioned work or to the protagonist of the same, who is often an alter-ego of the author himself, each dream is placed on a cloud of cotton synthetic. Overall, the clouds suspended in the environment compose a landscape of clouds, a sky, a unifying element made up of singularities, the clouds, in fact.

Il sogno di Vincent, mixed media, 35 x 35 x 35, 2009.
Il Sogno di Albert, mixed media, cm 30x30x30, 2006, Courtesy M. Finotti.
Il Sogno di Gregor, mixed media, cm 30x30x30, 2005, Courtesy M. Finotti.
Il sogno del Papalagi, mixed media, 2014, Courtesy M. Finotti.